Massaged babies sleep better and cry less.

So do their parents!

Baby massage has been a longstanding parenting tradition in many cultures and
has many benefits for both the baby and parents. Here are just a few of them…

Benefits of Baby Massage

For Baby

  • Relief from colic/wind & teething
  • Helps your baby to feel securely attached, loved, valued & respected
  • Relaxes & calms, reducing emotional distress, crying & fussiness
  • Stimulates the circulation, digestive, nervous & lymphatic systems
  • Develops body awareness & co-ordination
  • Increases recognition of facial & emotional expressions
  • Develops social skills & emotional health & development

For Parent

  • An opportunity to spend quality, one-to-one time with your baby
  • Helps with bonding & feeling closer to your baby
  • Calming and relaxing, not just for your baby, but you too
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behavior, crying & body language
  • Learn a lifelong skill that can be used at home & shared with other family members
  • Research has shown that baby massage can help with post-natal depression

What’s Provided

  • Handouts of the strokes for you to keep so you can practice the moves at home
  • Booklet of all strokes and certificate on completion
  • Bottle of organic sunflower oil to take home
  • Cushion and comfortable mats to massage baby on during the session
  • Refreshments when at Ashton or Saddleworth class, Gee Cross has a beautiful café and area to relax and socialize and feed baby after the class
  • Fresh oil each week

What to Bring

  • Yourself of course and your baby!
  • Spare nappy
  • Drink/food for baby if required
  • Spare clothes for baby
  • Baby blanket
  • Towel

Other Information

You will be the only one massaging your baby as all the moves are demonstrated by myself on a doll.
Please wear comfortable clothing as the massage is performed on the floor and the temperature of the room is very warm, so baby is comfortable with no clothes on and when oil is on the skin.

  • Suitable for babies from around 4 weeks to 1 year old (preferably pre-crawling)
  • The course is run over 5 weeks and lasts for approximately one hour
  • The course is entirely baby led, so you do whatever it is you need to meet your baby’s needs; feed your baby, change them. If they are not in the mood for massage that is fine. If your child is sleeping, then there are spare dolls to practice on.
  • Each week you will learn a different part of the body and all the strokes are reviewed
  • The massage sequence which includes the; legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back. There is a special wind and colic routine
  • Incorporated into the massage are some rhymes and songs. There are also some suggestions on how you can adapt the massage as your child grows.
  • All Classes end with a story and rhymes
  • There is time set aside for informal discussion.
  • Classes are relaxed, fun and it’s a great way to meet other parents